Dress Up your home with contemporary and Classic Trimrail Balustrades

TRIMLITE FENCING SYDNEY are proud to be distributors of quality Trimlite products including the balustrade and railing system - Trimrail

Trimrail balustrades offer you a solution to a variety of applications. Why not enhance your home or project with the exclusive Trimrail designs.

This unique modern balustrade system has been designed specifically to add value to your domestic or commercial scenario. The unique modular system offers flexibility rarely seen in aluminium balustrades. With the ability to adjust Trimrail on site you eliminate the potential costly delays created by measuring and manufacture errors applicable to other systems.

The key Benefits of Trimrail Decorative Balustrades!

  • Quicker & easier to measure - meaning shorter lead times
  • Staged installation ensuring finished handrail is not damaged during construction
  • Unique temporary system. The only balustrade that incorporates a temporary handrail as part of the system.
  • Modular system - enabling easy on site modification where necessary
  • Produce on site - for certain projects the materials can be delivered direct to site for installation without the need to manufacture.